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Archive for News

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Techie!

Posted on 07/03/13, filed under News | No Comments

Technology always moves at such a pace – and no more so that in the last couple of decades.  Do you remember life before things started with an ‘i’?  iPads, iPhones, iMacs…where were we before Mr Jobs came along with his vision!  And then there’s the likes of DVD’s and the need to rewind our […]

Hidden Internet Cameras

Posted on 06/03/13, filed under News | No Comments

Each day, the world of spying gets technologically better. In this post, we showcase a great product initially only available for the US but potentially being rolled out across the rest of the world.  The new Stem iZon connects to your broadband router allowing you to stream videos from the iZon camera live to your […]

The Average Joe Spy

Posted on 05/03/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Spy gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, and even a general member of the public is able to conduct a little secret espionage without needing to possess loads of technical knowledge or a James Bond arsenal of spy kit!  There are so many reasons why you may need to use spy gadgets – keeping […]

Voice Recorders From Online Spy Shop

Posted on 03/03/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We have a great range of voice recorder currently in stock.  Here are the current models available to buy today: Stylish Pen Premium Flash Stick Premium Pen Premium Key Chain Micro Digital Electronic Calculator Luxury Key Chain Car Fob Voice Recorder Luxury Slim Pen AC Adapter Voice Activated Socket Lead Voice Activated Double Wall Socket […]

Spy Gadgets

Posted on 01/03/13, filed under News | No Comments

Spy gadgets are amongst us – installed correctly we cannot see them, or sense them but they can see and hear us!  Food for thought isn’t it?  Well, technically it is but used correctly and for legitimate purposes we have nothing to fear.  Such devices are a fantastic way to gather evidence and present for […]

New Virus Alert

Posted on 01/03/13, filed under News | No Comments

The security company Kaspersky has discovered a malicious spy program dubbed Miniduke that has been used to attack governments and institutions across the world during the last week. According to the security company’s expert spy gadgets analysis, MiniDuke is from a school of new espionage software designed for spying.  In the past week it has […]

Biometric Surveillance – Big Brother State?

Posted on 27/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

We have heard of biometric surveillance and we may wonder, what is this about?  Well, biometrics is used for the authentication or identification of for example; a person – and this technology is a combination of physical human characteristics such as DNA, finger print impressions etc which could also include behavioral characteristics like voice and […]

Spy Equipment In The World Of Football

Posted on 27/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

According to a Spanish newspaper, former Barcelona manager and soon-to-be Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola used a detective agency to spy on top defender Gerard Pique when he started dating Shakira!  And it turns out that Pique wasn’t the only player subjected to a bit of spying to help Barca ensure the perfect harmony necessary […]

All NEW Mobile Phone DVR Is Here

Posted on 26/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

So, if you were texting inside or outside a building, a public place, or anywhere that permits a mobile phone then who possibly could ever know that you are also secretly recording everything in HD full colour 1080P with audio and a time / date stamp!  Encore the fantastic Mobile Phone DVR Recorder! This really […]

Just A Set Of Keys?

Posted on 25/02/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Are you thinking about doing some covert eavesdropping?  Do you have a situation where you need to hear what’s going on but fear that you won’t be able to?  Well, fear not, because one of our fantastic voice recorders will be able to help! If you’re going to embark on some secret surveillance, you will […]

Hidden Recording From A Thermos Flask? Surely Not?

Posted on 24/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Innovation of the best hidden spy cameras never stands still too long and this aluminum style thermos flask suitable for any occasion is no exception.  A high quality design, compact, lightweight and able to carry cold liquids – this thermos style flask is actually a spy recording camera!  The camera is perfect for use indoors […]

US Drones Captured?

Posted on 24/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have broadcast that they have brought down a foreign surveillance drone during a military exercise. A spokesperson for the Guards has said in a statement: “We have managed to bring down a drone of the enemy.  This has happened before in our country.” The foreign agency have, as yet, given no details […]

New Surveillance Technology Recognises Actions

Posted on 22/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

The automatic video surveillance system from Carnegie Mellon is built to recognise various actions which are captured by its video system.  Ontologies are used in order to fully and functionally carry out its tasks thereby giving way to the best level of output in work in a given office or company.  The main reason for […]

Spy Equipment Inside And Outside Of Your Home

Posted on 21/02/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We always say that you can never be too careful when it comes to your home security, and this is especially true at nighttime.  Night crime is on the rise and it’s natural to feel threatened about your safety once the dark hits.  The best thing that you can do is to be prepared and […]

Microsoft Only Have Eyes For You

Posted on 19/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Microsoft are all set to bring out a brand new Xbox, named the 720.  This takes their Kinnect concept a step further and will even switch itself on when you command.  Sounds pretty cool, huh?  But for this to sound recognition to work, you have to realise that this new technology also means that it […]

Debate On Drone Use Set To Rumble On

Posted on 18/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

No matter what industry you are talking about, gaining value for money and better quality information is crucial.  The current economic climate and global recession is affecting every aspect of modern life and it is easy to see why even bodies like police departments are trying to squeeze every last piece of value out of […]

Spy Equipment In Australia

Posted on 17/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

An Australian immigrant who is reported to have been recruited by Israel’s Mossad spy agency, was charged with grave crimes before he committed suicide in an Israeli jail.  The closely guarded spy case has raised questions in Australia and Israel about the suspected use by the Mossad of dual Australian-Israeli nationals, and the circumstances behind […]

Spy Penguins!

Posted on 16/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Penguins are among Mother Nature’s most devoted parents.  From the very moment that the Emperor penguins meet, they form a perfect and completely monogamous partnership to devotedly raise their chicks in the most inhospitable nursery on Earth.  And, as has been discovered in recent documentaries, penguins are surprisingly like humans.  From their sexual jealousy, to […]

Plug & Play Voice Recorders

Posted on 13/02/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you need to be able to record audio in secret, you will need to look at voice recorders which are small and discreet, yet which also offer very high quality recording to enable perfect data capture without compromise.  There are so many fantastic voice recorders available online today which can make this job incredibly […]

CCTV Not Included On New Surveillance Equipment Measures

Posted on 11/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

A new code of conduct concerning public new spy gadget equipment is due to come into force within the UK, but hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras – including those housed in schools, shopping centres and hospitals – will not be covered by the new legislation which aims to curb the surveillance state. The draft […]

Delisle Spy Update

Posted on 10/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Following on from last week’s story of the Canadian ex-navy intelligence officer accused of spying for Russia, we can update that he has been jailed for twenty years after pleading guilty to selling classified NATO information.  He has also been fined £70,000 for the offences.  Delisle is the first Canadian to be sentenced under the […]

MI5 Surveillance Equipment Plans

Posted on 07/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

UK spy agencies have unveiled plans to install black box-style surveillance equipment across the country’s communications networks to monitor Internet use. A report by an influential committee of MP’s tells how spooks want to implement a nationwide surveillance regime aimed at logging nearly everything Britons do and say online.  The spy network will rely on […]

Keeping Corporate Meetings Confidential

Posted on 05/02/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you are a business person who needs to hold confidential meetings from time to time, it goes without saying that you need to keep them as private as possible.  Perhaps now more than ever this is becoming more difficult, as others feel the need to be in-the-know about everything.  From fellow colleagues wanting to […]

Spy Shop Virgin?

Posted on 03/02/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Most people wouldn’t necessarily think of including an online spy shop in their Internet browsing, but there are several reasons why it might be a good idea. A spy shop isn’t all about night vision goggles and hi-tech PI-style surveillance equipment – there are also some very useful gadgets which the everyday person might find […]

Chinese Cyber Attack

Posted on 01/02/13, filed under News | No Comments

Hackers from China have used spyware to repeatedly broke into The New York Times’ computer systems over the last four months, stealing reporters’ passwords and tracking down files on an investigation into the wealth amassed by the family of a top Chinese leader. The newspaper have reported that their hired security experts found that the […]

eBlaster…It’s Our ‘Like’ Button!

Posted on 30/01/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter more popular than ever.  Whether you use it to promote your business, catch up with friends, or connect with a wider audience, logging on every day to catch up and connect is something that most of us do. We champion social networking and indeed use it to […]

Neighbours From Hell?

Posted on 28/01/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We’ve all lived next to someone who has been less than the perfect neighbour.  Whether it be noise at night, or a general disregard for maintaining a neighbourly facade, we’ve all been there or know someone who has had to put up with unpleasant and inconsiderate neighbours.  But for some, the problems can escalate to […]

Spy Agency Victim Gets Minor Victory

Posted on 26/01/13, filed under News | No Comments

A British spy who claimed that she was pestered for sex by her spy boss was unlawfully victimised, an employment tribunal has ruled this week. The agent has partially won her case against the spy agency – but her married boss was cleared of harassing her.  The spy agency (which cannot be named due to […]

Tick Tock

Posted on 24/01/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

There have been quite a few different styles of spy cameras built inside household equipment – and we sell lots of different types online.  One of our favourites in our spy clock, which has clear high video resolution and an impressive recording time. This fantastic mini digital clock camera recorder looks like an everyday object […]

Alicia Keys Is A Fan Of The Voice Recorder

Posted on 22/01/13, filed under News | No Comments

Song superstar Alicia Keys relied heavily on a voice recorder to inspire her to create the score for The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. The songstress executive produced and created musical arrangements for the new drama that stars Jennifer Hudson.  The movie, directed by George Tillman Jr., is about two children who are left […]

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