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Archive for News

Pakistani Jailer Suspended For Handing Spy Gadgets To Raymond Allen Davis

Posted on 02/03/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A jailer at Kot Lakhpat Jail has been suspended after being caught passing various devices to Raymond Allen Davis, who is accused of being a US spy. Speaking to Pakistani newspaper, The Nation, an anonymous jailer said: “The accused was seen giving Raymond a new jet 560 USB flash drive, portable hard drives, disks, flash […]

Columbia Police Test New Recording Devices

Posted on 01/03/11, filed under News | No Comments

Police in Columbia, in the US, are currently testing recording equipment worn on headsets.  The product, manufactured by Taser, would replace lapel recorders that are used at present and would allow for hours and hours of footage to be stored for future reference. The spy gadget, which comprises of using hidden spy cameras and an earpiece, […]

Californian Facing Jail For Using Spy Gadgets To Cheat Casinos

Posted on 28/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | 1 Comment

Californian woman, Van Thu Tran, is facing 20 years in prison after scamming millions of dollars from casinos in Canada and the US. She is one of a group of people who were working together to scam casinos, with 19 people arrested in the US in May 2007 and 25 more arrested in Canada. 42 […]

CIA Concealment And Detection Devices

Posted on 25/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Even though many of the tools used are now dated, taking a look at the CIA’s tactics in years gone by gives us an insight into the world of spying and reveals that James Bond style spy gadgets are really not so far-fetched. Among the many devices shown on the CIA’s new YouTube and Flickr […]

More CIA Spy Devices

Posted on 24/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

The CIA’s new website has revealed a whole host of spy equipment gadget devices that have been used over the years – as well as a few more interesting ideas that haven’t. One particularly ingenious piece of technology is the letter removal device that was used during World War II.  This allowed the user to extract […]

CIA Website Reveals Spy Tools Of The Past

Posted on 23/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | 1 Comment

A new website launched by the CIA has shed light on some of the spying and surveillance gear it has used over the years.  The most striking tools are those that seem like they would have originated in a film script rather that the research and development department of a major security organisation. One notable […]

US Website Offering Secret Cameras To Schools Shut Down

Posted on 22/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A US website that offered hidden spy cameras to school principals has been shut down by New York’s Education Department after concerns that taking photos of children without parents’ permission was not appropriate. The site offered cameras hidden inside teddy bears and electric pencil sharpeners as well as men’s ties with cameras and microphones. Albina […]

Australian Parents Spying On What Children Have For Lunch

Posted on 21/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

A canteen in a school in Geelong, Victoria, is effectively allowing parents to spy on what their children are eating at lunchtimes thanks to its use of swipe card technology. Students at Kardinia International College are given electronic cards with which they can purchase food and parents can then log in and see the purchases […]

Former Cabinet Minister Believes Phone Was Bugged With Recording Device

Posted on 18/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

Nick Brown, who was Chief Whip in Tony Blair’s first Cabinet before serving as Agriculture Minister among other roles, says he believes his phone was bugged by a tabloid newspaper. He said: “I made a call on a land line and picked up the receiver to make another one straight away.  To my surprise, I […]

US Senate Extends Surveillance Powers Granted By Patriot Act

Posted on 17/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

The US Senate has approved an extension to the Patriot Act through which which wiretaps can be used in relation to cases of suspected terrorism.  The 90-day extension also allows access to business records and surveillance of suspects. An 86 to 12 vote means that the Senate must now find a compromise with the House […]

A Spy Camera Disguised As A Hummingbird

Posted on 16/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A Pentagon contractor has been showing a flying hidden spy camera it has developed which is disguised as a hummingbird.  Just 16cm long and weighing less than a battery, it can fly at 11mph and has cost $4m to develop. The US army hopes that it can use the device to spy on enemies in […]

Chicago Mayor Defends The Use Of Surveillance Cameras

Posted on 15/02/11, filed under News | 1 Comment

Mayor of Chicago, Richard M Daley, has defended the use of motion activated spy cameras in the city after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had asked that the network be expanded no further. The ACLU says that the use of cameras represents an invasion of privacy and has asked that authorities be required to have […]

Pakistan Spies ‘Out Of Control’ According To Top Intelligence Official

Posted on 14/02/11, filed under News | 1 Comment

Brigadier Shaukat Qadir, one-time vice president and founder of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute, Pakistan’s top intelligence services often cross the line in conducting their operations. Pakistan has a number of spy intelligence agencies and Qadir says Inter Services Intelligence, one of the largest and most significant, went ‘out of control’ for a period around […]

USB Key Logging Devices Used In Libraries In Wilmslow

Posted on 11/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A USB keylogger device have been found attached to computers in a library in Wilmslow.  USB sticks that record keystrokes on a particular computer are often used by concerned parents and the like, but using them on public computers is illegal as it would allow someone to record passwords and other sensitive information from other users. […]

Man’s Use Of Voice Recorder Leads To Police Dismissals

Posted on 10/02/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Two police officers have been dismissed after evidence from a voice recorder revealed that they had lied about the circumstances surrounding an arrest. Ben Thacker had been charged with possession of cannabis, but thanks to a voice recorder that was hidden in a pocket, it was proven that the two officers deliberately gave false accounts […]

Mongolian Spy Chief Arrested At Heathrow Not Victim Of Plot

Posted on 09/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

The City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court has heard that there is no evidence that the arrest of a Mongolian spy gadgets chief resulted from a plot. Bat Khurts was arrested at Heathrow Airport in September as a result of an outstanding arrest warrant from back in 2003.  It had been suggested that he had been […]

Russia-Ireland Diplomatic Row Results From US Spy Incident

Posted on 08/02/11, filed under News | 1 Comment

Russia has branded the expulsion of one of its diplomats from Ireland ‘unfounded’.  The move was made by the Irish in response to an alleged theft of Irish citizens’ identities for use by Russian spies using spy equipment in the US.  Moscow has reacted to the move, saying that it will retaliate. 10 Russian spies […]

Calgary Surveillance Cameras Proving Worthwhile

Posted on 07/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

A pilot scheme where 500,000 Canadian dollars’ worth of surveillance equipment has been installed in downtown Calgary, Alberta, has been deemed worthwhile, although there are currently no plans to expand it. Despite a further cost of $100,000 a year to operate the cameras, they will remain in police, with police saying they have made use […]

Police Spy Cameras Used At 250 Sites In Greater Manchester

Posted on 04/02/11, filed under News | 1 Comment

Figures from Greater Manchester Police reveal that the force made use of 250 spy cameras in just a single week. The cameras are used for automatic number plate recognition and assistant chief constable Neil Wain said they were hugely useful when it came to combating crime. “Many criminals rely on vehicles to commit crime.  There […]

Surveillance Cameras To Be Used In Taxis In Oxford And Leicester

Posted on 03/02/11, filed under News | 1 Comment

It has been announced that hidden spy cameras are to be installed in taxis in both Oxford and Leicester in an effort to provide peace of mind to both passengers and drivers. In all, 600 Oxford taxis are to have cameras installed in them and one driver, Richard Barlow, explained why it was a welcome move: […]

Australia-US Satellite Surveillance Partnership

Posted on 02/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

A partnership has been agreed between Australian and the US whereby the two countries will share intelligence information recorded by spy satellites. This field of surveillance is known as GEOINT, or geospatial intelligence and includes data recorded by surveillance satellites and spy planes.  The deal was actually made in February 2008, but has only come […]

Cuba Charges American With Spying

Posted on 01/02/11, filed under News | No Comments

A 61-year-old US citizen has been charged with spying by Cuba.  Alan Gross, who is an aid worker according the US, is accused of plotting against the state and a trial date is soon to be set. Gross was first arrested in 2009 and has been held for 14 months before these charges were made. […]

GMP Spy Blimp Faces More Criticism

Posted on 28/01/11, filed under News | No Comments

With public spending a very touchy subject at the moment, it comes as little surprise that Greater Manchester Police has come under fresh criticism over the amount that they spent on a spy blimp – which was rendered practically useless during the harsh weather conditions which the northern region experienced towards the end of 2010. […]

2 in 1 Voice Recorders- The Versatile Solution

Posted on 27/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Voice recorders are one of the most widely used forms of surveillance equipment in today’s society, and when you’re looking to into investing in a recorder, one of the first things that you’re likely to notice is that you have plenty of choice. In years gone by, voice recorders were very basic and often very […]

Protect Your Holiday Home In Your Absence

Posted on 26/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Even if you’re lucky enough to own a holiday home, if like such a large proportion of the population you find it extremely difficult to juggle work and leisure time, there’s a high possibility that you don’t get to spend as much time as you’d like there. If your holiday home is in the UK, […]

Arm Night Staff With Super Surveillance Equipment

Posted on 25/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Whatever the industry in which you are based, if some of your staff are required to work throughout the night, you need to ensure that they are armed and protected by efficient security equipment. Local and national newspapers are always full to the brim with stories of thefts, and more often than not, commercial properties […]

Recovering Deleted Data Is Swift And Simple

Posted on 24/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Just a few years ago, pressing the delete button on your computer or mobile phone meant that the data in question was likely to be gone for good, although this is no longer the case, as there are a number of devices out there which can recover many types of deleted data. Not only are […]

Get The Information You Need With A Portable Voice Changer

Posted on 21/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Are you attempting to get hold of some vital information but falling at the first hurdle whenever you pick up the telephone in order to try and get hold of those in the know?  If so, you’re highly likely to be feeling very frustrated and looking for viable ways of overcoming this hurdle, although there […]

Making Use Of The Ultra Small Voice Recorder

Posted on 20/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Taking your chances with spy equipment which is highly likely to give the game away is no longer your only option, as modern devices are extremely small and extremely indiscreet. One of the most commonly conducted forms of secret surveillance is voice recording, and whilst you may have had to lug a huge tape recorder […]

Monitoring Computer Use Made Easy

Posted on 19/01/11, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

With computer and internet use such a key part of everyday life, there are many individuals in many different circumstances who may feel that in order to get to the bottom of a situation, achieve peace of mind or confirm their fears, monitoring every last touch of the keyboard would come in very handy. Those […]

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