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Archive for News

Internet Pornography

Posted on 17/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A professional Society of Divorce Lawyers in the States has concluded that Internet pornography addiction has beat financial problems to become the fastest increasing cause of divorce across America.  This comes as no surprise considering that a whopping 50% of American men are accessing Internet pornography frequently.  Also, 47% percent of families said pornography is […]

Children And Online Gaming…Surveillance Is Not Always Neccessary

Posted on 15/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Children will play online video games whether you like it or not.  It is certainly easier to monitor the gaming habits of your child rather than trying to put them under surveillance – or preventing him or her from playing at all.  Trying to get your children to stop something is like providing them more […]

What About The NSA?

Posted on 13/02/14, filed under News | No Comments

Following on from our last blog, one may wonder (and we have indeed been asked!): “What exactly has the NSA been up to that has worked up public sentiment into a congealed and rather focussed ire of disapproval?”  Just a cursory look into only some of the very recent news pieces over the last week […]

The NSA: A Hot Topic

Posted on 11/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

It can be argued that the enhancements and changes in the federal surveillance law could be one of Barrack Obama’s most contentious challenges to his legacy with his second term in office.  The American public’s  collective outrage over the ever-increasing levels of state surveillance and spying on local citizens – courtesy of the National Security […]

Online Computer Encryption Technology Evolves A Smart Decoy Feature – The Hackers And Spy Scene Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

Posted on 09/02/14, filed under News | No Comments

Hot off the press: new encryption software could be the much-needed game changer between the dynamic of hacking victims and password hackers.  This new encryption software would essentially make a hacker’s job many thousand-folds more difficult than what used to be the conventional norm in the hacking and online spy and surveillance equipment scene. For […]

Between Police And Academics – Another Story Of Covert State Surveillance On Cambridge University

Posted on 07/02/14, filed under News | No Comments

A relatively recent story regarding the police’s attempt at surveillance of Cambridge University students fits in nicely with our previous posts regarding state surveillance. A group known as Cambridge Defend Education have recently fallen under the police radar as law enforcement are looking to recruit individuals within the university to report on and assist with […]

The State Of The Surveillance State – An Overview Of Expanding Policies And Implications

Posted on 05/02/14, filed under News | No Comments

Some of the recent blogs posts have focussed on the evolving nature of the police state and with it, the evolving spy techniques and technologies.  To say that we’ve come a far way since Y2K would be a condescending mincing of words; even the public can get a hold of its own miniaturised spy drones […]

Blast From The Past – The Hillsborough Families’ Allegation Of Police Surveillance In 1993

Posted on 03/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We have discussed the subject of Britain’s tumultuous relationship with the Big Brother State and while as Brits, we are often among the first to criticise this state, we also happen to be the ones who are adept at embracing its challenges and changes, even with reservation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that over […]

My Paranormal Experience

Posted on 01/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Bet you’ve been waiting with bated breath for 2 days for what I promised last time – my real-life paranormal experience…don’t say that I never share anything with you!  Okay, here goes. I was (un)lucky enough to actually attend a paranormal investigation about three years ago in an old hotel in Birmingham where I got […]

Paranormal Investigation aka New Parent Surveillance

Posted on 30/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Within a month of first becoming a new parent, you suddenly seem to have acquired numerous battery-operated toys that either bleep, squeak, play nursery rhymes or – in more severe cases – make obscure animal noises.  For the most part these are fine but they do have a habit of making you jump out of […]

Be Careful What You Click – Spy Surveillance On Your PC

Posted on 28/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Did you know that everything you click on when you use your computer or laptop can be interrogated?  It becomes incorporated into ever-sharpening algorithms to predict what you might like and the sorts of places you might like to get it from.  For instance, if you use services like Facebook it can’t have escaped your […]

They Know Your Every Move…

Posted on 26/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

In these modern times, we are under constant surveillance.  There are hundreds of hours of CCTV footage of each of us in existence; from the mundane, grainy and indistinct security footage of us shuffling obliviously around the grocery aisle in the supermarket, dropping crumpets and cans of soup all over the floor whilst swearing; to […]

Identity Theft And Your Internet Usage

Posted on 24/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Identity theft is a real issue, and more and more people (including children) give away information online all the time. With all the dangers lurking on the Internet, it isn’t surprising that programs such as computer monitoring software have become as popular as the latest game or app.  Computer monitoring software helps to guard your safety […]

Kids And The Internet

Posted on 22/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

The Internet has become such a mainstream networking medium that more and more online predators have taken to using the naivety of young children in order to satisfy their cravings.  Most of the time, children who have not been properly educated about online predators will succumb to the devious methods of these online pests.  Having […]

Mini Digital Thermo Clock Recorder

Posted on 20/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

In our last post we told you about the availability of our spy cameras in regular objects – specifically a digital clock.  Just to provide our readers with a practical example, one can put any one of our small clocks for example: the mini digital thermo clock recorder to practical use within either the bedroom or […]

The Slimline Digital Clock Recorder – Another Excellent Spy Camera Technology That Blends Into The Surroundings

Posted on 18/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Desk and bedside clocks are trivial items.  They’ve been trivial items for a long time and almost a common piece of equipment that anyone would expect to find in an office, a workplace desk, or in the bedroom.  So we can even conclude that it’s a bit of a necessity.  The classic alarm clock has […]

Hackers: Identified

Posted on 16/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Hacking is most commonly referred to in the context of computer hacking of which there are many types – phishing, Trojan horses, viruses and key loggers to name but a few.  However, most people understand these at a more generic level, simply in terms of there being malicious pieces of spy software snooping around their […]

Hack Job

Posted on 14/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Hacking – a technical term for sticking your nose in where it shouldn’t be – is not an especially new phenomena in the technical age.  As long as there has been the ability to store and access information remotely, there have been those who would attempt to retrieve it illegally. The word itself conjures up […]

Facebook Dangers – Protecting Your Children

Posted on 12/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A few days ago I was stumbling through some websites when a title of an article captured my attention: Do You Own Facebook? Or Does Facebook Own You?  I have to admit – being a FB user myself – that my curiosity had been piqued, so I read on.  What I found out was not […]

Divorce Rates Continue To Rise – Are Spy Gadgets One Way To Get Them Reduced?

Posted on 10/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

The divorce rate is more than 60% is this country – that’s a terrible statistic and doesn’t bode well for future generations.  One important and prevalent factor in these figures is the issue of cheating.  More and more people are buying spy gadgets in order to find out if their spouse is cheating on them, […]

Are Your Kids Too Old To Have A Babysitter? Hidden Cameras May Be The Answer

Posted on 08/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

You might have teenagers, but it’s still a worrying prospect leaving your older kids home alone.  A few friends round to watch a movie can easily turn into an out-of-control party if the wrong kids get to know there is an empty house to trash!  Property and possessions can be damaged and your kids maybe […]

Reasons To Use Computer Monitoring

Posted on 06/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

There are so many reasons why we shout about our fantastic computer monitoring devices.  Here are just a few of them… We are betting that in your home you have a computer or laptop.  We are also betting that if you have school-aged children, you allow them to use this computer/laptop – or they may […]

Happy New Year!

Posted on 04/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We’d like to wish all of our customers – old and new – a very Happy 2014! There’s lots to come from us this year, so keep your eyes peeled on the website for some exciting new products, great blog posts added every other day, special offers and fantastic competitions. Some highlights to watch out […]

When It Is Okay To Make Sure You’re Not Being Spied On By Your Partner Or Loved One

Posted on 02/01/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Did you hear the one about the sister who went to the cops about her other sister using a spy device on her, who in turn confessed that the spy device was actually meant for spying on her teenage daughter and not her sister?  Just another day at the Judd’s home… Well, not entirely. For […]

‘Tis the Season for Spy Gadget Clearance!

Posted on 31/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Have you checked out our Spy Gadget Clearance section?  If not, then you’re really missing out on some great deals for a wide range of gadgets and software that cater to a wide array of spy and surveillance needs.  The good news is that the page is still up and active, so you don’t need […]

Keystealth Ultimate Computer Monitoring

Posted on 29/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Keystealth Ultimate Computer Monitoring – When Ease of Use Meets Form Factor Many of us get a sense of exhilaration and control when we read or hear about spy gadgetry and equipment that is available to mainstream consumers.  It’s certainly realising the potential of all those hard-to-reach gadgets that influenced the recent James Bond generations.  […]

Spy Game…

Posted on 27/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

When phrases such as “CIA Surveillance” are bandied about, your mind instantly pictures Hollywood-style images of bleeping satellites whirling stealthily in orbit, zooming powerful onboard cameras with pinpoint accuracy to moving grid co-ordinates supplied by a continually triangulated hacked mobile phone signal somewhere near the instantly identifiable ‘Mark’.  All of this happens whilst intelligence bigwigs […]

Light Bulb Camera Recorder

Posted on 25/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

In Office Surveillance: The Covert Approach This one goes out to those small-to-moderate business owners who now have a business where security, trade secrets, ideas and even finances and office confidentiality are a core priority.  At the same time though, employee relations are casual and confidence as well as trust are still far too superficial […]

Spyphone Software – Protecting Your Surveillance Devices

Posted on 23/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We’ve already told you a little about ways to prevent mobile device fraud in our previous blog.  One could have a very long discussion about the even longer list of implications at play when it comes to the importance of mobile phone security and just how sure we can be of our privacy. However, for […]

Mobile Phone Bug Detectors – A Growing Essential

Posted on 21/12/13, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

The last couple of decades have been rife with phone-tapping scandals.  Sure, some of it may have not been as glamorous or even as trivial back when mobile phones weren’t a common commodity, but the point remains the same: phone tapping and hacking is becoming an all too common trend these days. A decade ago, […]

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