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Archive for News

Spy Games Gone Wrong: South Korean NIS In Trouble

Posted on 16/04/14, filed under News | No Comments

Normally the spy games and espionage scandals are a cornerstone element of the North Korea/United Stated dynamic.  On the other hand, today, South Korea’s national intelligence and spy agency seems to have made it into the papers on a rather troubling note. South Korean spy agency, the not so subtly named National Intelligence Service, also […]

Securing Your Home And Home Office

Posted on 14/04/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Sometimes, it seems as though barely a day goes by without hearing yet another story of a neighbourhood burglary or theft, so it’s little wonder that many of us are left wondering about the safety of our personal property.  This is especially true if you run a business from home and have a home office – […]

Spy Apps!

Posted on 12/04/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We’re here to spy-up your life with some fun spy apps that you can download today.  These apps may not instantaneously transform you into an MI5 operative, but they may while away a few boring hours in the office this coming week! Secret Camera – this is another photo-taking app, but this one has no […]

Spy Cameras At Elland Road

Posted on 10/04/14, filed under News | No Comments

An official criminal investigation has now been launched at Leeds United Football Club after the new owner, Massimo Cellino, discovered spy cameras at the club’s home stadium. The Yorkshire Evening Post has reported that police were called yesterday after the Italian manager ordered his team to conduct a security sweep of the football grounds.  Cameras were then […]

Do You Need A Voice Recorder?

Posted on 08/04/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Private investigators gather their evidence by employing a variety of methods and techniques.  They utilise many different forms of spy equipment to do this but one of the most useful ways is to use spy voice recorders. Professional investigators, and anyone with suspicions, can use the very latest spy gadgets to monitor suspected cheaters or any dodgy behaviour […]

Spy News From Around The World

Posted on 06/04/14, filed under News | No Comments

It’s the end of another eventful week in the spy world, so here’s our roundup of the spy news this past week: Spy Chief job up for grabs – read the full story from the Financial Times here. Read all about the George Washington spy ring from Reuters. Spy fiction celebrated in Edinburgh…read more here. […]

Ladies Of The Spying World

Posted on 02/04/14, filed under News | No Comments

Last year Prince Charles unveiled a celebration of Britain’s female spies of WWII…here are the women who defy the traditional James Bond stereotype and take their Cosmos stirred and definitely not shaken… “Jen” was famously portrayed in Zero Dark Thirty – the ballsy agent who helped find and kill Osama bin Laden.  The intelligence she […]

Bit Of Lunchtime Amusement

Posted on 31/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We bet right now you’re sitting at your desk thinking ‘here goes another week’, and you’re not really looking forward to it at all.  So, here at Online Spy Shop, we like to make sure that you’ve got something to take your mind off the humdrum of office life – after all, we can’t all […]

Spy Games Milton Keynes

Posted on 29/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

My son recently went to experience Spy Games in Milton Keynes, after receiving it as a Christmas present.  He is 10 years old and has special needs, so I was intrigued to see how they cope with a range of abilities and whether it was indeed worth the £35 price tag. The company promise to […]

Mystery Shoppers Surveillance Equipment

Posted on 29/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

Mystery shoppers are usually sourced by companies looking for an average Joe to apply for the role, or alternatively, in-house watch dogs including Trading Standards will use their own trained staff to acquire undercover evidence of business practices and prove / disprove businesses are working within the law. Such visits may either be random or […]

The Stephen Lawrence Murder – The Reignited Case Casts The Met In Troubling Light

Posted on 27/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

The Metropolitan Police is in the hot seat, yet again, over the Stephen Lawrence Murder. Already, the level of controversy, scandals and polarising debates that have emerged because of police response to this murder has surpassed what most could consider damage control.  Public reaction towards Scotland Yard falls miles short of anything remotely resembling a […]

Croydon Spy Cameras Set To Be Taken Down

Posted on 25/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

We reported a while ago on Croydon’s spy cameras.  These covert devices reaped in millions of pounds’ worth of fines for motorists caught doing things they shouldn’t have been, but now it appears that these moneymakers could soon be banned. In the past two years, CCTV spy cameras have raked in over £2million in fines […]

Guide To Security Cameras

Posted on 23/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Security cameras used to be seen only on the gates of luxury mansions, celebrity pads or in large corporate buildings.  Now though CCTV cameras are becoming a common feature of many homes and offices as more and more people seek to increase the levels of security on their premises.  Completely understandable, so here’s our guide […]

What’s New This Week?

Posted on 21/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

You know we like to keep you at the forefront of all the latest technology, so here’s this week’s roundup of all the latest spy equipment we have just for you… The sweet smell of truth – we have two new products in our air freshener range.  First up is the voice activated air freshener, which […]

Latest Spy News From Around The World

Posted on 19/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

Here’s this week’s spy news round-up of what’s happening where around the world… cNet’s story on spying on your lover via smartphone.  We’ve been selling this software for years – click here to see our range. North Korean spy arrested, check bout the Arirang website for full details. Those spy cars are still doing their […]

IBM Denial

Posted on 17/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

IBM have said that it has not provided client data to the U.S. National Security Agency or any other government agency under spy programs involving the bulk collection of content or metadata.  In a letter to customers last Friday, IBM stated that it had not provided client data stored outside the U.S. to the U.S. […]

Where Did It Go?

Posted on 15/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

We are days on, and still there is no sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.  The search has now been expanded into the Indian Ocean, but mystery still surrounds the exact flight path that the plane took for many hours after it lost contact with the control tower.  It seems impossible that an entire […]

Heading Off In The Caravan This Spring?

Posted on 13/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Now that the sunshine appears to be on it’s way (at last!) you may be thinking about getting away for a short break in your caravan.  If you own your own caravan you will know that they don’t come cheap, and you will value them as one of your major home assets.  When you do […]

News Round-Up From The Last Week

Posted on 11/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

Here is a snapshot of the spy news hitting the headlines this week: RAF spy plan used to monitor the Ukraine troubles - An RAF spy plane will fly reconnaissance missions over Poland and Romania to monitor the developing crisis in the Ukraine.  Read the full story from The Telegraph here. Click here for The Guardian’s special […]

MI6 & James Bond – Only In Hollywood

Posted on 09/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

Everyone who has been exposed to the spying and international espionage genre of fiction and non-fiction — be it through movies, television shows, books or even the odd video game — probably has some kind of strong opinions about the multigenerational legacy of the James Bond character.  

The famous, suave and somewhat symbolic — of […]

Pirate Drones – When The Underground Internet Scene Gets Creative With Spy Drone Technology

Posted on 07/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

In the age of information technology at its absolute — and arguably golden — peak, repurposing conventional spy gear towards other goals has become a bit of a common practice.  While we generally don’t hear all that many glowing views on drone technology as part of government programmes — spying on citizens, questionable bombings of […]

Quiz To Become A Spy

Posted on 05/03/14, filed under News | No Comments

We thought that MI6 would be far too busy to bother with creating spy aptitude tests – but it appears that we were wrong!  They have just created a simple quiz in which potential candidates can test whether they have what it takes to become a spy…we kid you not! A recent job advert for […]

Is There A Place For Recorders In The Workplace?

Posted on 03/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Hell yes, we say!  A voice recorder isn’t only useful when you are out and about, recording data on the run – it’s a great tool for office use too. A voice recorder has the ability to capture all manner of indiscretions and office gossip and is tiny enough to enable is to be used in a […]

Surveillance Equipment For Your Home Or Business

Posted on 01/03/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

When it comes to protecting your property and your personal possessions, you can never be too careful.  There will always be some unsavoury characters out there who are willing to take advantage of any weaknesses in your home or business security system. With many people trying to fit socialising in with increasingly busy careers, lots […]

Did You Hit Delete?

Posted on 27/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you’re anything like us, we are sure there has been an occasion when you have accidentally deleted important data such as text messages, photos and call records from your iPhone.  It’s a nightmare frantically looking through your phone for items which you realise you’ve deleted for good. However, all of this panic could be […]

New Products Now In Stock

Posted on 25/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

Every now again we like to showcase the latest spy equipment that we’ve got our hands on – or we’ve even invented ourselves! – so here’s the latest round-up of what’s hot in the world of spy equipment for your home or business use… The Enduro Magnetic Voice Recorder – a small black box voice activated […]

Parental Supervision: Monitoring Software

Posted on 23/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

If you are a parent that requires some suggestions on how you can track the websites visited by your child then you will be very interested in our series of posts on protectin your child online. Tracking websites is not a privacy invasion when it comes to using it as one of the tools of […]

Special Series: Safety Online For Kids

Posted on 21/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

We continue our special series on the issues of online safety for children with a report from the well known British television psychologist Tanya Byron.  She has something very important to say about teenagers and internet usage… She says: “Letting your kids use the web completely unsupervised is like opening your own door and saying […]

Online Threats For Teenagers And Young Adults

Posted on 19/02/14, filed under News, Spy Equipment | No Comments

Here at Onlinespyshop.co.uk we are always concerned to hear about the latest news stories regarding exploitation of children on the Internet.  As well as the terrible stories of under-age teens being forced into things against their will, kids can also exploit themselves naively online when they think they are just having a bit of fun. […]

Internet Pornography

Posted on 17/02/14, filed under Spy Equipment | No Comments

A professional Society of Divorce Lawyers in the States has concluded that Internet pornography addiction has beat financial problems to become the fastest increasing cause of divorce across America.  This comes as no surprise considering that a whopping 50% of American men are accessing Internet pornography frequently.  Also, 47% percent of families said pornography is […]

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