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Spy Gadgets & Surveillance Equipment

ONLINE SPY SHOP is an established and reliable spy equipment UK store based in Stockport, Cheshire. We aim to provide the highest quality spy gadgets among Europe's top internet sources.

We provide a full range of covert spy gear, including everything from hidden spy cameras and car trackers, to voice recorders for all your home and office security.

We offer a varied private investigator and private detective surveillance equipment from our reliable spy shop Ltd offices for complete peace of mind.

Some of our security and surveillance solutions have been developed in-house by our own highly skilled spy software technicians and mechanical / electrical engineers plus bespoke custom built video recording equipment for clients that require special applications.

We are able to supply high-quality spy equipment gadgets, surveillance systems and tracking devices for domestic and journalistic investigations or in combating workplace fraud and crime.


If you are looking for the best digital voice recorders then look no further. We offer some of the finestavailable. Our recording devices use advanced technology to provide reliable performance, excellent audio, password protection and time / date stamping for evidential purposes.

Discrete video and audio recording equipment can also be used for more mundane daily tasks such as recording lectures or seminars, note taking, or for important legal or business meetings.


Spy cameras and audio bugging are becoming smaller and more efficient, therefore we also supply a select range of hidden camera and bug detectors that will effectively sweep a single room to an entire building.

You can be confident that our bug detection systems offer the best quality, reliability and performance to capture all your digital audio at the highest level.


Whether you are trying to deter domestic crime, track your stolen vehicle, or obtain evidence for peace of mind then there are plenty of gadgets to choose from. We have a huge choice of video and audio recording equipment so we will have the right gadget for you, no matter what job you have in mind.


If you are interested in buying surveillance equipment then our products vary to include computer internet monitoring which can help make your observations much easier.

We supply a wealth of spy equipment of the very highest quality and reliability backed up by our guarantee of performance and support. For complete peace of mind, check out the About Us page.

Enjoy the site!

OSS Technology Team

Spy Blog

Sometimes, it seems as though barely a day goes by without hearing yet another story of a neighbourhood burglary or theft, so it’s little wonder that many of us are left wondering about the safety of our personal property.  This is especially true if you run a business from home and have a home office - business assets such as computer equipment, stock, and even personal accounts and files can sometimes be irreplaceable. For those who work outside of the home, many can work long hours, which means that homes are regularly left unattended for a large proportion of the day.  Burglars are opportunists, and take advantage of the fact that homes are unoccupied throughout the day and, if you don’t invest in adequate home surveillance and security equipment, you could find that you become one of their latest victims.  This is something we at ...

We're here to spy-up your life with some fun spy apps that you can download today.  These apps may not instantaneously transform you into an MI5 operative, but they may while away a few boring hours in the office this coming week! Secret Camera - this is another photo-taking app, but this one has no shutter sound.  You can also set the photos to not have any preview mode.  If you want a discreet preview mode, you can use ‘Spy Mode’: there is a small thumbnail at the bottom corner of your screen, while the rest of the screen looks like a web browser.  That way, no one will know you are really taking photos.  You can also passcode lock your pictures and can enable ‘Recovery Mode’ to recover any photos that you accidentally delete. Contact Spy - if you aren't sure who is behind the unknown number who just called you then you can save t...

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