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Spy Gadgets & Surveillance Equipment

ONLINE SPY SHOP is an established and reliable spy equipment UK store based in Stockport, Cheshire. We aim to provide the highest quality spy gadgets among Europe's top internet sources.

We provide a full range of covert spy gear, including everything from hidden spy cameras and car trackers, to voice recorders for all your home and office security.

We offer a varied private investigator and private detective surveillance equipment from our reliable spy shop Ltd offices for complete peace of mind.

Some of our security and surveillance solutions have been developed in-house by our own highly skilled spy software technicians and mechanical / electrical engineers plus bespoke custom built video recording equipment for clients that require special applications.

We are able to supply high-quality spy equipment gadgets, surveillance systems and tracking devices for domestic and journalistic investigations or in combating workplace fraud and crime.


If you are looking for the best digital voice recorders then look no further. We offer some of the finestavailable. Our recording devices use advanced technology to provide reliable performance, excellent audio, password protection and time / date stamping for evidential purposes.

Discrete video and audio recording equipment can also be used for more mundane daily tasks such as recording lectures or seminars, note taking, or for important legal or business meetings.


Spy cameras and audio bugging are becoming smaller and more efficient, therefore we also supply a select range of hidden camera and bug detectors that will effectively sweep a single room to an entire building.

You can be confident that our bug detection systems offer the best quality, reliability and performance to capture all your digital audio at the highest level.


Whether you are trying to deter domestic crime, track your stolen vehicle, or obtain evidence for peace of mind then there are plenty of gadgets to choose from. We have a huge choice of video and audio recording equipment so we will have the right gadget for you, no matter what job you have in mind.


If you are interested in buying surveillance equipment then our products vary to include computer internet monitoring which can help make your observations much easier.

We supply a wealth of spy equipment of the very highest quality and reliability backed up by our guarantee of performance and support. For complete peace of mind, check out the About Us page.

Enjoy the site!

OSS Technology Team

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We think we do - so make sure you're on the same wavelength as us by getting connected so you don't miss out on a single thing... Click here to connect with us on Facebook.  Here you can read snippets from our blog, by among the first to find out about any competitions we are running, and any special offers we have on.  Join up to meet fellow spy equipment fans and share with us what you've been up to, and what products you've discovered.  You can review us, get all of the latest spy news from around the world and humour us when we post photos of dogs in fancy dress.  You know you find it funny too. If tweeting is your thing then click here to follow us on Twitter.  Chock full of all the latest news in the world of spy equipment and surveillance, Twitter is our short and sweet update portal.  Follow like-minded individuals, check ou...

Spy scandals seem to be in season and while this development isn't exactly scandalous, it does pry open some old wounds of doubt and public incredulity towards the previous regime.  After all, how many can confidentially say that after two wars, a serious double-dip recession with infamous spy programmes and legal measures as a fallout of Blair's political legacy, that one of his advisers, Robert Hannigan, is going to be welcomed by the public with open arms as he takes over UK's spy-hive, GCHQ?  Sounds like a tall order of expectation and winning over trust to anyone who might even perform a basic examination of this development. If this latest development doesn't make some of us question the state of our intelligence and spy community, then let us also consider the relationship this story has to another rogue element and pariah of th...

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